Device Profiles

Flexibility on another level.


Profiles are a very powerful solution that let you take your VPN to the next level. They function as their own fully-featured VPN account. Think of them as a separate VPN account which you did not have to buy. You have the ability to create up to 100. The only difference between a profile and a your main VPN account is the username. Profiles are not able to have their own password and thus use your accounts password.

When you create a profile, you give it a name. This name is then applied after your Oeck account username - with a hyphen in between. For example, if your username is johnsmith and you create a profile and name it smartphone, then to login with the profile you would use the following;

Username: johnsmith-smartphone
Password: Your Oeck password.

When using an Oeck app, this is automatically done for you. Manual input of username is for OpenVPN clients only.

Usage example

Goal: Melissa ( account holder / buyer of Oeck's VPN service ) wants to give one member of the household ( Evie, her daughter ) her own VPN account which will allow Melissa to control what Evie can access and view. Melissa however does not want Evie's settings to affect her own VPN.

How to: Melissa will create a new device profile and call it evie.
In her device profile settings, Melissa can then set the preferences for that specific profile. This includes web filtering, adult blocking, streaming service settings, etc.

When Evie logs in to the VPN (using an OpenVPN client), she will simply use the username: melissa-evie. The password used is Melissa's account password.

When using the Oeck VPN app, this is automatically applied when a device profile is selected.

Notes: You can of course use this feature for other things, such as setting up special preferences for different devices you own. Each profile can have multiple concurrent connections just like your account can.