Your online protector.


Cerberus is a DNS blocking system designed to give you control over what you can access when connected to our VPN. Although it is handy for things such as blocking ads, it also divides the categories up in order for them to be toggled on and off.

The four categories are Adult, Social Networking, Malware and Ads.

In addition to these categories, you are also able to add in custom domain names to create your own web filter.

Usage example

Goal: To block adult content on a child's device but to allow it on your own device.

How to: Create a new profile and call it 'childsname'. Go into 'childsname' settings and enable Cerberus for blocking Adult content. Login with your childs device using the username 'yourUserName-childsname' and your password. If you are using an Oeck app, simply select 'childsname' from the device list when logging in.

This will block adult content from displaying on the childs device. But your own device login will remain unaffected.

Notes: Of course, you can use Cerberus for a number of different things. Such as in addition to blocking adult content, you may want to block malware sites and social media sites along with it. You have complete control.