Getting started

What makes us different?


This section will go through features and settings, as well as examples of when you may wish to use each setting. For users unfamiliar with a VPN whatsoever, please read this quick step-by-step to get started.

1. Sign up.

2. Confirm your email address. You will receive an email asking for confirmation. Click the link and you're half-way there.

3. Download one of our apps for your device. This could be for your phone, computer, or tablet.

4. Install the Oeck app and login to the app using the same username and password you used when signing up on the Oeck website.

5. Select the VPN region closest to your physical location.

6. Click "Connect".

Once connected, your device is ready. If you want to use it for unblocking streaming services such as Netflix, simply go about streaming as you normally would - making sure the Oeck app is running. We will take care of the rest.