View Oeck's unique range of features that makes us different.
Built deep into our network and culture.
We secure your privacy using industry-leading encryption standards, on servers that we own. Our zero hard drive system won’t store any of your data, ever! Quickly block dangerous sites and services at the DNS level to prevent ads, malware, phishing sites and more.

Key Exchange
Hard Drives
Unblock the best content.
Streaming done differently.
Get access to the latest shows from around the world without ever switching regions. Our revolutionary smartRouting unblocks some of the most popular services from around the globe. Enjoy fast, automated access to BBC in the UK - Hulu in the US - iView in Australia and many more. Simply connect to the VPN location closest to you and we take care of the rest!
Four secure VPN regions
For where you are.
Extensive geo-[un]-blocking regions
For where you want to be.

A different profile for every device.
Get unique access for each device in your household with Device Profiles. We understand that you use every device differently - so we built flexibility into Oeck. Configure your family iPad with a profile for streaming US TV shows. Protect your children’s laptop with a profile that filters adult content. Dance to tunes in a different country with a profile for your phone. Give your server a profile with custom connection settings and DNS filters. With up to 100 profiles per subscription you’ll never run out.
Meet your online guardian.
Get powerful device-level filtering to prevent dangerous content reaching your family and devices. Our unique online guardian Cerberus is the must-have feature for families and individuals. Choose which content to block and prevent threats before they occur. Simply create a profile for your device and select the Cerberus services required:

Ad Blocker - Block ads from tracking and displaying on most websites and apps.

Malware Blocker - Block most phishing websites and websites classed as a security threat.

Social Network Blocker - Block websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many others.

Adult Blocker - Block adult related content such as pornography, dating networks, shock sites and more.
Built-in DNS filtering.
Traffic that you decide.
Oeck's built-in DNS filter allows you to decide what internet traffic you want hitting your device(s). Simply populate your filter list with websites that you want blocked and Oeck's VPN will follow those rules and block the traffic. Domain black lists can be set on a per-device level, which makes is perfect for parents who would like to restrict what their children can access. Best of all, it is completely unique to you.