Browser Killswitch

Creating a browser-based killswitch.

Creating a browser killswitch is easy to do and very secure. All of Oeck's VPN servers have a proxy server on them, allowing you to connect to the proxy in any way you want. However, it will only accept connections when you are connected to the VPN.

You can leverage this to your advantage by simply configuring your browser to use a proxy when browsing the internet. Should your VPN connection drop, the proxy will refuse the connection and thus you will no longer be able to surf the internet. The proxy details are as follows;

Socks5 Port: 3128
Http Port: 8080

You have a choice between Socks5 or Http. Unless needed, please use Socks5 when possible.

The following example is proxy configuration on Firefox. We highly recommend this browser as it is the most privacy-friendly. Having said that, the instructions are generic and will work on most browsers.

  • Open the Menu and click on Preferences.
  • In the search bar type in "Proxy".
  • Once the Network settings appear, click on "Settings".
  • Select "Manual proxy configuation".
  • Use the settings above to set up your proxy.

Once done, you can now use your browser via a proxy directly through your Oeck VPN. Should the VPN tunnel stop working for any reason, the proxy will refuse connections to it.

Note: Using the proxy this way will break anything to do with your DNS. Channels and Cerberus, along with Advanced settings in your user profile will not work through your browser.