Australian Frequent Flyer

Oeck travels with you! Perfect for the home, office, hotels or overseas.

Oeck for Streaming
Get access to the latest shows from around the world without ever switching regions. Our revolutionary smartRouting unblocks most of the most popular services from around the globe. Simply connect to the VPN location closest to you and we take care of the rest!

Perfect for home and when travelling!

No more server surfing. No more region switching. Connect once and unblock it all!


Oeck for Security
We secure your privacy using industry-leading encryption standards, on servers that we own. Our zero hard drive system won’t store any of your data or usage activity, ever! Quickly block dangerous sites and services at the DNS level to prevent ads, malware, phishing sites and more.

Oeck also prevents public WiFi and ISPs snooping and tracking what you do online. Both at home and overseas. Essential for privacy!

Oeck for Families
Get powerful device-level filtering to prevent dangerous content reaching your family and devices. Our unique online guardian Cerberus is the must-have feature for families and individuals. Choose which content to block and prevent threats before they occur. Simply create a profile for your device and select the Cerberus services required.

A new breed of VPN that’s breaking all the rules. Industry-first functionality and class-leading security instead of slick ad campaigns with massive budgets.
Getting started is easy!

Step 1
Sign up for a FREE 3 day trial. No credit card or payment information needed!

Step 2
Download our app for your device. We also have .ovpn files available for routers and third party clients.

Step 3
Login to the app, connect to the closest region and you're done!

Get protected today!

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