BETA Launch
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Hi everyone,

Welcome to the Oeck BETA!

Please read some important notes before testing our service. BETA is aimed towards users familiar with networking!

At the moment the available regions to connect to are Melbourne, Sydney, Seattle and Torrent. We anticipate London and Amsterdam will be available in the next week.

Apps - ( Apps can be downloaded here. We will also be adding them to the app stores prior to our official launch ).
To uninstall Desktop apps, please run the maintenancetool provided with the app.

Windows - Our Windows app is made for Windows 10 only. Using this app on Windows 7 or Windows 8 is not recommended. It will also display "Unknown Publisher" when installing. We will be integrating our certificate in the next few releases in order for this issue to be fixed. However, it is safe to install.
There is a bug affecting some of our Windows users. Some users may have their DNS and DHCP settings remain as Oeck settings after disconnecting or failure of app. You MUST change them back to Automatic if they don't do it automatically to regain internet access.
Compatibility - Windows 10

Mac - Our Mac app currently requires dev tools to be installed. When prompted, please install the dev tools.
Compatibility - High Sierra and above.

Linux - Our linux app currently must be run from the terminal ( /opt/oeck/ ).
Compatibility - Ubuntu 18. Ubuntu 20 support coming in the next week.

iOS - Currently unavailable. We anticipate a release within the next 2 weeks.

Android - Our Android app can be installed directly. We will be publishing it to the Google Play store as soon as possible.

If you find a bug in any of our apps, please head over to the Oeck Community ( requires registration ) and post a new thread in the Testers Forum with as much information about the issue as possible.

We are currently working on unblocking during BETA. If you find an issue with any of the unblocking, please report it in the Testers Forum. If you have a suggestion on a site or service you would like unblocked, please post a new thread in the VPN Product forum.

BBC iPlayer - Working on unblocking. May fail on some devices. Please report if you have a problem with this service.
No other known issues at this time.

Although our ticket support system is running, we will not be using it for support during BETA testing. Please report all issues in the Oeck Community. Should we require information that is not suitable for the Oeck Community, we will instruct you to open a new support ticket.

Known Bugs
You can view a list of all the bugs here. If you find a bug that isn't on that list, please post a new thread in the Testers Forum.

We thank you for taking time to help us with BETA and look forward to your participation!

Note: Please also expect downtime as we work on the service during BETA.

Team @ Oeck.


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