For when your government hates "loves" you.


There are countries that exist in the world today who actively censor what their citizens are able to access. This also holds true for their online browsing and access to information. Obfuscation can be used to bypass heavy firewalls set in place by these governments and allow the user to freely browse the internet.

Obfuscation also comes in handy for some hotels who also use deep packet inspection in order to ascertain if the user is using a VPN on their WiFi. Obfuscation can get around these issues.

Usage example

Goal: To enable the obfuscation in order to access the internet without government filtering.

How to: Once you have signed into your Oeck app and have selected your device, simply go to Settings > Connection and enable obfuscation.

You will need to disconnect from the network after this step. However, upon reconnection you will have obfuscation enabled.

Notes: This method only works with the Oeck Desktop apps.