Question Certificates renewal

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My pfSense is complaining about the OeckVPN Certificate because it is to expire 4 July 2022. I am unable to renew this certificate like others prior, is there a way to obtain a new certificate, or should I download another .OVPN file and copy/paste the certificate from within this file?

1: I downloaded another .OVPN file.
2: Accessed pfSense Cert Manager -> Certificates
3: Selected the about to expire certificate (as per attachment in primary question)
4: Selected the 'Edit' option
5: Deleted entirely, both the Certificate data and the Private key data boxes contents
6: Opened the .OVPN file with an editor
7: Copied the <cert> data entirely and pasted into the pfSense 'Certificate data' box
8: Copied the <key> data entirely and pasted into the pfSense 'Private key' data box
9: Left clicked 'Save' in pfSense below the data just pasted

Voila, all restored and certificate now valid until 25 July 2023.

All sorted and pfSense no longer complaining about a soon to expire OeckVPN certificate.